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The Royal Canadian Corps of Signals
Soldier Apprentices 1952 to 1965 
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Communications & Electonics Branch Semaphore to Satellite History Project
Signallers Club
The Signallers Club of Canada
RC Sigs Militaria Site
RC Sigs Militaria Web Site
Communications & Electonics Branch
The Communications and Electronics Branch
Communications & Electronic Museum
Military Communications and Electronics Museum, Kingston, Ontario, Canada
Royal Corps of Signals
Royal Corps of Signals
RS Amateur Radio Society
Royal Corps of Signals Amateur Radio Society (RSARS)
Canadian Peacekeeping Veterans Association
Canadian Peacekeeping Veterans Association

The Canadian Association of Veterans in United Nations Peacekeeping
Canadian Forces Affiliate Radio System
Canadian Forces Affiliate Radio System CFARS
Blue Helmuts
Blue Helmets
Pacific Signaller's Renunion
Pacific Signaller's Reunion
Forces Linemen
The Canadian Association of Forces Linemen
Service Corps Apprentice Site
Royal Canadian Army Service Corps Apprentices
RCOC Association
Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps Association
Royal Canadian Artillery Museum
Royal Canadian Artillery Museum

Belgium Canada Association

Canadian Provost Corps
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